Translated as Blizzard Like, the Blizzlike type of rates and content (no customs) is similar to ones used on retail official World of Warcraft servers.

The rate can be up to 5x and may refer to levelling, item and gold drop, honor, arena multiplier. VEN Y UNETE A LA MEJOR CCOMUNIDAD Wot LK in familiärer Atmosphäre für unaufgeregte Spieler mit Spaß am Questen, Leveln, Farmen und - Wipen ;), fraktionsübergreifende Gruppen, Raten und Instanzen blizzlike, mit interessanten Bugs, aber mit fleißigem Team - wir arbeiten daran und haben noch viel vor!

The best Pv E Blizzlike server created and maintained by professional developers with a passion for World of Warcraft. Playtime rewards, the more you play the more you win. 3.3.5a Patch • Blizzlike Realms 7x • Fully Scripted BGs, Dungeons and Raids including ICC • Gunship fully working • Dungeon Finder • Wintergrasp • Pv P Ranking System with Arena seasons • TRANSFER From Any Server • Vote rewards • Anti-Cheat system • 10Gbps • Lowest latency Burning Crusade realm for 5+ years • Leveling rates x2 • No custom donator items • No custom content • Active Pv P and Pv E • All instances and raids open • Regular updates and events • Dedicated staff • Join today Goblin and Worgen fully scripted - Archaeology - Loremaster of Outland&Northrend - Scripted Tol Barad/WG/BG/Arena - Scripted Normal/Heroic 406a raids and dungeons - Zul' Aman scripted - 24/7 - No lags - Professional dev team - Daily updates [Blizzlike 1x rates, no custom content] [Replicate Blizzard on Patch 335a] [ICC/RS normal+heroic working] [Many transfer options] [No wipes/rollbacks, massive uptime] [Quest completer for bugged quests] [Complete Character Customization] [Fair vote/donate rewards] [Active GMs] [100,000 accounts] Servidor Privado de World of Warcraft, Parche 3.3.5a y 4.3.4, 0 lag! Conquista de Invierno, Ciudadela Corona de Hielo y muchas mas , Sistema de puntos y donaciones! Enter in a parallel universe, in a world where the chaos has gobbled up the lands covered with blood of Azéroth.

Free Wo W Private Server, Lag free realms, Instant 85 cataclysm wow server, Best wotlk wow private server, Best Pv P experience, Friendly environment, Custom Content, Active Battlegrounds and Active arenas, Custom Shirt Effect, Custom Dungeons, Arena Seasons, Arena Rankings, Best Pv P and Pv E Wo W server In conclusion, we start at 13 November 2016. TBC | Wot LK | Cata | Mo P | Wo D • 12.000 players online • Cross realm arena/battleground instant tag 24/24 • Highmaul & Blackrock Foundry scripted retail-like • Garrisons • Ashran • Weekly updates • International/French/Spanish support We are a Classic Wo W Server based out of Australia.

We have a great population of players who are compassionate, and can't wait to experience vanilla Wo W with you!

The server has tons of GM support and is here to stay! Added mob level scaling depending on the character's level in new locations. Scripted 8 new dungeons Serveur Privé(Dédié) avec quatre Royaumes- *Un Royaume Cataclysme version 4.3.4 + un Royaume Mists of Pandaria en 5.1.0 *Deux Royaumes Version 3.3.5 *Un Royaume Semi-fun Dés votre arriver :5000 po + level 30 + 4 sacs Level max et de 100.

4.3.4 Cataclysm Realm Athena: x6 Rates Community Driven CATA Realm - Exceptional Quality - Working BG - Crossfaction Raid/Group/Chat - DDo S Protected Server - Regular Detailed Updates - Dedicated Fun Staff - Weekly Events Elysium — Coming Soon! Rate X 30 & Zone shop - Zone Hyjal - Zone métier Servidor de Hispano 100% Blizzlike - Versión: 3.3.5a - Sistema de migraciones (Clonacion y transferencia de personajes) - Sistema de compra de items con votaciones - Instances 100% Blizzlike - Arenas y BG's 100% Blizzlike - Equipo de programadores profesional - Desarrollo privado de nuestro...

In August we will be opening our newest realm and greatest achievement. 335 Patch | Blizzlike Realms 10x | Fully Scripted BGs, Dungeons and Raids including ICC | Gunship fully working | Dungeon Finder | Wintergrasp | Pv P | Vote rewards | Anti-Cheat system | Line of Sight | Mob Pathing First free World of Warcraft: Legion server. // All Vanilla, TBC and Wot LK Raids and Instances // // All Arenas and Battlegrounds working // // Friendly and helpful staff // // Cloudwall x8 XP Rate realm; Azure - Instant 80 lvl Pv P realm (in development) // Astrizia World Of Warcraft est un serveur Semi FUN/PVP naissant en 5.4.8 Les rates de base sont multipliés par 5, et multipliés par 6.5 pour les joueurs VIP De nombreux évents sont à venir, alors nous vous attendons sur Astrizia ! X | Helpful Admins and Community members | Multi-language forum support | Join Us and help us build the best Wo D private server ever! Somos Um Servidor Brasileiro Cataclysm 4,3,4, Rates Medias e Boms Drops, Com uma Staff Competente, 14x Kill Mob..

Elysium is the result of Valkyrie's passion for an international community, from a team with over 7 years of experience in the private server sector.

Servidor Pv P Blizzlike; Rates x2(momentaneamente); Estancias y campos de batalla altamente funcionales; Migraciones full; Soporte al jugador mas de 20 horas; Staff amplio, diverso y con mas de 5 años de experiencia staff/jugador We are an old community, dating back to 2007, and we are still living on, going strong.

Join now and live the dark adventures of Northrend and beyond, and also be a part of the best Wot LK blizzlike server out there.

Privater Wo W-Server 3.3.5a Wot LK blizzlike Pv E/Pv P, Content bis ICC, Arena S9, lagfrei, Online seit 2007, Voteshop, Chartransfers auf Anfrage, viele Events, hilfsbereites Serverteam, große Community - mehr als 22.000 Members.

Wir suchen immer erfahrene Programmierer, Techniker, Grafiker - Join Us Deutscher Wo W Privatserver 3.3.5a | Blizzlike Gaming | Pv E Realm | 2300+ Player online | Arsenal | Große Community | Char-/Gildentransfer | schneller Support & Bugfixes | nette GMs | lagfrei | Pathfinding - 2 Realms - Blizzlike Highrate OR Instant 55 - Quality 1121 Realm - Working Battlegrounds - Best Scripted Dungeons - Weekly updates - Path-finding - No Pay To Win - Stable Server - Dedicated Server - Low Latency - Mas de 10 años funcionando •• Reino Wot LK - Blizzlike x1 - Diferentes bonus de Exp x3 (Bg-Rdf-Ra F) acumulables.

•• Reino TBC - Instant 60, rates x7, Drop x4, Oro x3 - Excelente estado.