Our Compatibility Matching System™ allows us to match members who share core beliefs, attitudes and personality traits – the factors that are really important in building successful relationships. When you sign up to e Harmony, you fill in our Relationship Questionnaire, and with the results we put together your Personality Profile.We send you the profile and compatible matches straight to your inbox – for free.We believe it’s important for you to see what you can get out of our service before deciding whether you want to take things further.

Remember not to make assumptions about people’s situations.

Widows and widowers may be young or old, and their previous relationship may have been a difficult one or it may have been wonderful and fulfilling.

So it’s important to understand right from the start that someone who has experienced the death of a partner has gone through a profound experience.

They may not want to share everything immediately and there may be some things a new partner will never know.

That doesn’t mean a new partner can’t be a source of fulfilment and joy in their own right.

At e Harmony we are dedicated to helping you find love, whatever your situation.

Our years of scientific research into what makes relationships successful tell us that compatibility is the key.

With e Harmony you can state your own preferences, but it goes much deeper than that.

Oh no, sometimes they join these types of sites so that they can connect with people their own age who have also suffered a terrible loss — whether it was last year or a decade ago.

Just keep in mind that no one can tell you that it is too soon to date after your spouse’s passing.

It is up to you when your grieving process is over and become one of the thousands of , you should know that it isn’t quite the same as dating anyone else.