Diane's teasing about the air-headed women Sam dates sends him looking for a date on a higher cerebral plane.Also, an old customer insists he must see the former owner to discuss his personal problems.

He suggests getting a lucky charm, and Coach says that Sam used to have one.

It turns out Sam still does—a bottle cap, which he says he found.

Sam lends Rick the cap and Rick's performance improves greatly, while Sam goes through a period of very bad luck.

When Sam find out that Rick lost the bottle cap, he gets depressed, as Diane finds out that it was in fact the cap off the last bottle of beer Sam ever drank.

Frasier has been out on a date with a fellow psychiatrist, Dr. Frasier feels depressed, so feeling sorry for him, Sam arranges a date between Frasier and a woman he knows named Candy.

But Sam and Diane get a surprise when Frasier proposes to Candy after just one date.

After trying (and failing) to hit on a pretty female customer, Sam feels like he is over the hill and challenges Woody to a racquetball game.

Unfortunately Sam ends up hurting himself and has to take a trip to the hospital.

Sam and Diane want to spend some time alone together, but the lonely Coach keeps joining them, not realizing he is spoiling things for them.