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Protect Your Privacy with a Free VPN Based On Book Based On TV Movie Carriage Chance Meeting Character Name In Title Comic Relief Fairy Tale Fountain Glass Slipper Notice Political Correctness Prince Pumpkin Rivalry Stepmother Stepsister Time Limit Walking With A Book On One's Head This is my all time fave, having grew up with Sound of Music, never found any other movie quite like it, until I saw this version of Cinderella. Did a google search for this version early last year and year before, embarrassing obessesion, nothing came up except for the trailer, feels like Xmas again to have finally watched this again..

Love, Love,thank you to whomever uploaded this I was absolutely obsessed with this film when I was little!

I even had my own little rocking chair I used to put in a corner of my nan and grandad's living room and sing along to the songs XD its great to see it again XD Hyunsu's friends receive plastic surgery, from her loving mother, wanting to be "prettier" they are soon overcome by eerie feelings and whispers and start dieing horrible deaths one after another.

Hyunsu, overwhelmed with grief, starts sensing a strange presence and hearing the ghostly whispers she starts to wonder if she may be gong insane.

She quickly reaches out to her father for answers, after finding a picture of a burned child with her name on it, and learns a secrete that shatters her life, but it doesn't stop there, the presence becomes stronger and her doting mother starts sliding into madness.

Hyunsu is now fearing for her life as she screams for her mother and stumbles into the basement where the biggest secret of all reveals itself and wants its face back!

Join us for a Facebook Live chat with American Honey star Sasha Lane on Monday, Sept. All in all, a beautiful escape for a short while then back to reality.

It's also refreshing to see actors from other genres perform believably here.

The music is modernized, yet still done wonderfully.