La publicación de esta revista, parte de la celebración anual del equipo por el Mes de la Herencia Hispana, destaca aun más el compromiso de los Yankees con sus fanáticos de habla hispana.

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Countries that have adopted digital terrestrial recently may have a single MPEG4 based system for SD and HD, while countries with more established system may use MPEG2 for SD and MPEG4 for HD. For example, Italy, Ireland and the UK are all DVB-T regions, but Ireland uses "MPEG4 + MHEG5 + DVB-T" for both SD and HD transmissions, while the UK uses "MPEG2 + MHEG5 + DVB-T" for SD and "MPEG4 + MHEG5 + DVB-T2" for HDTV, and Italy uses MHP rather than MHEG5 middleware.

Since all MPEG4-capable receivers can decode the MPEG2 codec and all DVB-T2 tuners are capable of tuning DVB-T signals, UK HD set-top boxes are compatible with both the UK SD system and Irish SD/HD system, but Irish SD/HD tuners will only work with the SD system used in the UK.

Digital cable broadcast tends to be DVB-C or very similar QAM in almost all countries.

Broadband on cable is mostly DOCSIS which is DVB-C on the download path.

The implementation is expected to be completed by 2015.

Casablanca, Benslimane, Settat, Nouaceur, Mediouna, Mohammedia, Rabat, Salé, Skhirat-Temara, Kenitra, Sidi Kacem, Khemisset, Meknes, Fes, Oujda, Tanger and Marrakech.

While Namibia's public broadcasters still rely on analogue transmission and have not announced a transition date to digital television, the pay-TV operator Multi Choice already operates a digital television service using the DVB-T standard.

The first digital television implementation in South Africa was a satellite-based system launched by pay-TV operator Multi Choice in 1995.

This is important when buying a TV or set-box online rather than from a local retailer who would normally only stock the compatible system.