They use their computers and smartphones for everything from finding a place to eat to buying a car, so using it to find a companion isn’t much of a stretch.

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This is slightly higher than the 2013 Pew Survey’s finding of 22% for this age group, suggesting that online dating may be on the rise.

Of those who give online dating sites a try, about 20% of our 18-24 year-olds have succeeded at scoring a date – but it’s the 65+ group who hears the most wedding bells.

If you’re a mature bachelor or bachelorette, online dating might be worth a second look.

We asked the online daters if they had better compatibility with their service’s generated matches or their manual searches.

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In 2015, online dating sites and mobile dating apps comprised nearly 75% of the .4 billion per year dating industry, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Intrigued, we took to the streets—or rather, Google Consumer Surveys It turns out age is the biggest predictor of how people feel about online dating services.