” following this incident tells us enough) but five guys is a bit too much.Sugar steps into help but goes down in the second round and it’s down to Deputy Kelly to put a bullet in Ana’s attacker.

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Anthony Starr does his wild, manic, piercing eyes thing again in the first meeting with Proctor and Xavier.

Let’s not forget that every time someone like this arrives in Banshee, it’s another potential person to perhaps expose Hood for whom he really is.

Xavier’s appearance in this episode is the first way in which Banshee highlights it’s key theme this week – the name of the episode ‘The Kindred’ doesn’t just refer to the invading gang of motorcycle enthusiasts, but the townspeople of Banshee too.

This week is littered with examples of small town solidarity under threat from outsiders.

One nice example of this is the quiet scene shared by Ana and Sugar Bates during the festival.

Bates is only too aware that Ana came to the rescue of Lucas Hood at the beginning of last episode.

It’s a tender moment between two characters who’s paths you gather haven’t really crossed before, but now united in finding that they may not be all that different from each other. Getting into the plot this week, the Kindred bikers take a shine to Ana and decide to make some unwelcome advances.

Now we know that Ana is a woman who can handle herself (Hood’s disbelieving query of “one guy?

’s first filler episode – a biker gang, The Kindred, descend on the town like a bunch of Harley-driving locusts and chaos ensues – but scratch beneath the surface and once again, there was an awful lot going on here, least of all the chance for Trieste Kelly Dunn’s Deputy Siobhan Kelly to come properly into the light for the first time.