In this chapter we shall study about some solid figures like cuboid, cube, cylinder and sphere. We shall also learn to find the surface area and volumes of these figures.

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In such cases we find the total surface area of the solid.

Total surface area is the sum of all faces including the top and bottom of the solid.

A cylinder has one curved surface and two circular bases.

If the line segment joing the centers of the bases is perpendicular to the base of the cylinder, then the cylinder is a right circular cylinder.

The baseline assessment is missing a level and the shapes to find the area of so these will need to be filled in.

Another use of -oid is when we talk about the Earth being a spheroid (not exactly a sphere, but close). It has six flat faces and all angles are right angles. It is also a prism because it has the same cross-section along a length. Cuboids are very common in our world, from boxes to buildings we see them everywhere. Note: The name "cuboid" comes from "cube" and -oid (which means "similar to, or resembling") and so says "it is like a cube".Related Topics: More Geometry Lessons A cuboid is a 3-dimensional object with six rectangular faces.If the line segment is not perpendicular to the base then the cylinder is a skew cylinder.Let us consider a cylinder of height h and radius r.Take a strip of paper of length h and wrap it exactly once around the cylinder. We will find that the strip is a rectangle and the length of the strip is the circumference of the circle which is and breadth of the strip is the height of the cylinder which is h.