Some Steam-play enabled games also include cross-platform multiplayer between Mac and PC!

Mac App Store: Apple’s Mac App Store is also a great place to find hundreds of Mac games.

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In most cases though, games are ported to the Mac afterwards.

They are usually released on the PC first and then the game is translated to work on the Mac.

This is either done by the game’s developer (like Arena Net did with Guild Wars 2), or by Third-party companies which specialise on porting games to the Mac.

The main two Mac porting companies are Feral Interactive and Aspyr.

In spite of popular belief, there’s a ton of great games available for the Mac! Just check Mac Gamer HQ’s older posts and see all the game announcements happening all the time!

You have hundreds available today, including heavy-hitters such as Star Craft 2, Civilization V, Call of Duty games, Borderlands 2 and more. Some people still think you can only find Mac games in obscure stores. You can buy hundreds of Mac games from the comfort of your home thanks to the many internet stores out there.

Here are the most popular stores offering Mac games: Steam: Steam not only offers thousands of PC-games for digital download, they also offer but hundreds of Mac games too!

Some of these games are even Steam-enabled, meaning you buy them once but get both PC and Mac versions.

I will cover: This one is quite obvious, but I did say I would cover all methods!