There’s also horoscope readings and a corresponding diary from the author.Social Clout: 171+ likes, 107+ followers URL: Bragging Rights: diva dating at its best Ellen Mahloy is the Virginia-based voice behind this blog and is a life coach who specializes in love.Her content is split between articles and her ongoing radio show, with full audio clips available.

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Bragging Rights: strengthening marriages one date at a time A large group of lovely divas came together for this blog, which is aimed at improving the overall dating experience for married gals and those still searching.

Sections like Special Moments and Love Extras bring articles, essays and videos to the table.

From intimacy to romance to theme dating, the site explodes with ideas on spicing things up and keeping things fresh.

Social Clout: 52,440+likes, 6,905+ followers URL: Bragging Rights: building relationships and connections online Relationship expert Elizabeth Maness’ site digs deep into the individual groves of dating, including interracial romance, military couplings and those tricky online connections.

Dating for women 40 and over is broadly examined, alongside success stories and a section devoted to gay and lesbian dating.

She also breaks down the pros and cons of dating sites.

Social Clout: 34,308+ followers, 2,173+ likes URL: Bragging Rights: single, sexy and saved Diary of a Dating Diva is from a refreshing and admittedly opinionated young woman as she struggles through “overall hilarity of dating in the new millennium.” Vegan since birth, she describes her style as “a dash of silly, a pinch of eclectic mixed with a tad of intellect.” Her site tackles STD awareness, sexual exclusivity and the depressive side of dating.

Social Clout: 3,919+ followers URL: Bragging Rights: she’s been through the ups and downs This certified life coach from New Jersey explores the realities of today’s dating scene.

Topics like “Nobody Wants to Date a Control Freak” and “Booty Calls Leave You Loveless” take an almost existential look at the choices we make and why we make them.