With Big Data processes and tools, the shift to total data ingestion provides richer solution sets.

Waked was born in Nazareth, to a Palestinian refugee family from the village of Mjedil. Waked has exhibited at various biennials, museums, and art venues internationally.

He was the only son and a late born to his parents.

Legend has it that Shishunala Sharif was conceived with the blessings of Gods.

As a child, Shishunala Sharif was very intelligent.

After completing his studies, he worked as a school teacher for a while, before taking up the spiritual search.

He found a Guru in Shri Kalasada Guru Govinda Bhatta.

They both shared a very cordial relationship and often engaged in intriguing spiritual discussions.Though a Muslim by birth, Shishunala Sharif believed in the tenets of Hinduism and helped bring communal harmony.In his birthplace Shishuvinahala, even today, both Hindus and Muslims revere him as a saint at the same temple.Online dating is a great example of the Volume principle of Big Data. (Too little Return on Investment) After letting the initial program run, he was disappointed with his results.Dating itself is a data challenge: physical attributes, personality, relative location, income, and interests. Between his female pickiness” (fem_Pck) and “creepiness tolerance” (creep_Tol), my model had determined I’d have to look through 600-700 profiles a night to have any hope of being exposed to Ms Right before she got fed up, burnt out and sequestered herself off in a nunnery, or at least got back with her ex.” – views didn’t pay attention to body type, race, or age, and mostly visited women that had just joined the site, or women that were high matches for me, many of them left wanting for attention by the usual online meat market. On the first date with his future girlfriend, the jig was up. Basically (if I understand him correctly) Sharif created an algorithm to use a computer to search for potential dates in his stead because he determined that given his requirements, the time involved to actually search himself was too lengthy.