Most people would think with the large number of people on mature dating sites that finding at least one match would be easy. Many of the emails and winks you initiated will gone without any reverberation. Firstly, there is a disproportionate ratio of men to women on most dating platforms. The female members have much more choices, they don't have to reply all the winks and emails.

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Make sure the photos are recent and that you are decent in the way you present yourself.

You should have one shoulder and up shot and at least one full body shot.

If the only good photo you have is taken in the midst of a group of friends, it's time to find a different one of just you.

Even posing with your best four legged friend will result in a response rate decline.

It's too bad girls put so much importance on finding popular/social guys, and respond so strongly to pictorial evidence of it. We don't care if all her pictures are isolated bathroom selfies, as long as we think she's cute and interesting in her profile.

In fact, I consider it a plus when a girl tells me that she spends lots of time alone and enjoys computers, netflix, and videogames. Hi Kezia, I enjoy your romance advice videos, they're informative.But I have to tell you that your music videos were very cool.I liked your music style, techno/poppy with serious dangerous sensual overtones.For example, "In the Mood" is an excellent sexual song.I found some of your other music online and have to say I'm impressed.After you joined the online dating scene, you will find that you just get few responses to the emails or winks that you send out.