READ MORE American agriculture is poised for substantial growth in the Cuban market but financing restrictions are placing U. farmers and ranchers at a serious disadvantage in this nearby market.

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In the seven years since the business was founded, our objective and strategy was simple and unyielding: we wanted to become the largest low-cost international call provider by geography in the world.

Over the past 18 months we have invested heavily in expanding our geographical coverage.

The addition of Germany to our portfolio in 2012 ensured that we have greater coverage of the European market than any other mobile operator.

A subsequent move into Ireland and Portugal served to embed our footprint across Europe and avail the service to over 80 per cent of the EU population.

Every farmer and rancher, every voter needs to be informed on where candidates stand.

We’ve been studying the presidential candidates’ platforms to see where they stand on the issues facing agriculture ...

LEARN MORE Farmers’ Almanac, in partnership with the American Farm Bureau Federation, announces its search for three farmers or ranchers to be recognized as “Farmers’ Almanac Farmer of the Year.” ...

READ MORE For farmers and ranchers, immigration reform must balance agriculture’s need for a dependable supply of agricultural labor with enhanced security at our nation’s border.

A new video produced by the American Farm Bureau Federation highlights those issues, but with political debate ramping up and no practical solutions on the horizon, ...