Sales of new or used baseball cards do not qualify as sales of periodicals. A printer prints loose leaflets (bill inserts) for a utility company which are sent with the monthly bills.The printer believes that the monthly bill inserts qualify either as a periodical or printed sales messages.The printer states that the bill inserts appear at stated intervals (monthly), contain news or information of general interest to the public, or to some particular organization or group of persons (utility company's subscribers), and each monthly issue bears a relationship to a prior or subsequent issue in respect to continuity of literary character or similarity of subject matter and there is some connection between the different issues of the series.

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The printer also claims that it makes no difference whether there is an independent mailer of the item.

The bill inserts do not meet the definition of a periodical because they constitute handbills.

The items are in the nature of notices and/or advertised services or pertaining to PUC regulations, etc.

They are small, one-page items and are not printed at stated intervals, although they generally have a printing date on the back.

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The Postal Service requires that material which is mailed at bulk rate must be accompanied by an address card.

If the material which is mailed qualifies as an exempt periodical, the address card is regarded as an integral or component part of the publication.