Home and Away fans, rejoice, for Leah Patterson-Baker will be walking down the aisle once more!This season’s final episode sees Leah — played by actress Ada Nicodemou — tying the knot with her on-screen beau, Zac Mac Guire, who is played by actor Charlie Clausen.The wedding marks Leah’s third time down the aisle; the character’s first marriage was to Vinnie Patterson in 2001 before the actor who played him, Ryan Kwanten, found international success with US television show True Blood.

The long-awaited wedding was filmed at the Palm Beach set in Sydney, with the ceremony taking place at the show’s well-known Summer Bay beach house.

Leah was walked down the aisle by her on-screen son, VJ, who is played by actor Matt Little.

Meanwhile, things get steamy at the Palm Beach set between Katarina Chapman — played by Pia Miller — and Summer Bay’s resident bad boy, Martin ‘Ash’ Ashford, played by George Mason.

The two soap stars were seen locking lips, which is bound to shock fans, considering Katarina is the best friend of Ash’s current on-screen girlfriend, Phoebe, played by Isabella Giovinazzo.

If these latest scenes on set are anything to go by, then perhaps Ash and Phoebe are doomed for splitsville soon enough.

Summer Bay’s newest couple walked arm-in-arm along the beach before being stopped by Josh — played by Jackson Gallagher — who decides to have a quick chat with Katarina.

Accompanied by Josh was Evie, who is played by Philippa Northeast; it can be recalled that Evie’s Summer Bay stalker is the reason behind Josh going blind.

While Gallagher and Northeast were seen looking cozy together, it is unknown whether it was truly themselves or their characters who were having a bit of fun under the sun.

Home and Away is set to wrap up for the year in the weeks again, so it is certain that these scenes won’t be seeing the light of day until 2016.

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