This issue covers Plato, Bodhidharma, and Nietzsche, and it's a riot.

Great writing and art, very entertaining, and you actually get to learn something.

The one minor nitpick would be that the Nietzsche part's a little cramped and wordy and poorly paced- could have used a couple more panels of room.

Stonehaven: Milk Cartons & Dog Biscuits Ashcan #1-6 by Kevin Tinsley and Phil Singer Dated 02002-3. Now, Neilalien gives creators a lot of respect and the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he just wanted to do Hellboy sketches and promote Hellboy and not other people's properties.

This story about a man searching for his missing daughter in a city filled with elves, ogres, lizardmen, gangsters, magic-users and werewolves is an interesting and involving page-turner. It has been over ten years since the graphic novel.

Can't tell the actual status of the product- Neilalien bought the six ashcans for 50 cents each- the first one had finished black-and-white art, the other five had sketch-ish art unfinished in places, and the neglected website talked in 02001 about a full-color 200-pager in Spring 02003. But when it was Neilalien's turn and he asked for a Doc sketch, Mignola wouldn't do it. It's not like he's forced to satisfy any and all requests- although Neilalien doesn't think Doc is an inappropriate left-field request for this artist.

Still, if you spot this, pick up as much of the story as you can, it's fantastic. Still, it was a nice little "Fuck you" that ended the day on a down note. Marvel cracks down on a video game skin site [Newsarama] Posted 20 June 02003 - Permalink Neilalien has been bemoaning the lack of comic book weblogs for years now.

Lots of Marvel dirt, micromanagement, isolating the publishing side; JMS vs.

Top Cow, more on Micah Wright's Epic meeting [Lying In The Gutters (Happy Anniversary! "words add weight" [thinking narrative at Permanent Damage] Vague Arkansas laws: Now that's real Trouble for comics [Newsarama] Comics on the Internet: A Business Primer by Todd Allen [Indignant Online] Neilalien doesn't have cable so he'll have to wait for a friend's videotape of Comic Book Superheroes Unmasked on the History Channel.

In the meantime, Franklin's gagging and Gadabout's Stan Lee observations will do.

And a retailer's rightly pissed if there was no attempt to get viewers into the stores [ICv2].

Update: Pop Culture Gadabout reports there was an attempt to get comic book readers, and instructs on why Ditko wasn't an interviewee. (Spoilers follow.) Two hours of Hulk Smash wasn't really an option: the risks and the broody Frankenstein/King Kong/Beauty And The Beast angle worked, although people's satisfaction level and mileage will definitely vary. Ang Lee's funky transitions and evocations of comic book panels and bodily fluids worked.