In fact, it’s amazingly simple once you see how it’s done. PERSONALIZE – Try personalizing every message you send out using something from her profile. Even if you just use her screen name one time, make it personal.

Talk about her profile, let her know in some way that you actually READ her profile.

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The first, and obvious problem is that it’s time consuming to send out more emails, you’re essentially putting in more work to get the same results (just on a larger scale). I’m lazy…I have no desire to sit there all day sending out emails and checking out womens profiles.

I use dating sites to SAVE time, not add time (or a second job).(I know, strange behavior for a guy who makes his living teaching men how to attract women online.)The second, and least obvious issue is that there is no guarantee that the percentage of women who respond will remain constant.

Yeah in a perfect world that would be the case, but lets be realistic here…

maybe you’ve already emailed every attractive woman you’re interested in within your area… So what about increasing the percentage of women who respond?

Let’s talk about the concept of – which is a big “ah-ha” experience for most guys.

Because most guys (and I’ll bet you’re one of them) want concentrate on sending out more emails first.

Well you’re about to discover why this is all wrong.

Using the example above, with a “response focus” – if the number of women who respond could be increased from 1 or 2 per week to 2 to 4, your results will have DOUBLED. and yet so amazingly-effective, designed to help you get more responses fast and without a lot of fuss.1. detector” and can smell a generic copy and paste email a mile away.

SUMMING IT UP : It’s not hard to write a perfect online dating first email. True, but it’s also the same greeting as hundreds of other guys will send her. INTRODUCTION: Like the subject line, this needs to be catchy. These are emails that you should NEVER send…unless you have no interest in actually meeting people and just want to mess around… I’m tired of relationships and dealing with crazy women. This site is making it hard for me to believe that will ever happen. If you want to be attractive online you MUST have a positive attitude and showcase that.

But it is CRUCIAL to create one that gets her attention. The reason for that is because if she isn’t enticed to open up the email nothing else matters. The introduction is the part of the email that will hook her into reading the body of the email. A bad introduction will make her want to close out of your email. “I know this is a dating site but I don’t really care. You’re incredibly sexy so I think we should hookup. ” WHY THIS EMAIL SUCKS: It’s not that you can’t find a hookup on a traditional dating site. I think you are very pretty and would like to get to know you better.

The first email is the only opportunity you will have to make a first impression when working good online dating sites. It’s either impress her right off the bat or never have a chance with her. BODY: The body is where you need to add some substance to the email. CONCLUSION: We always include a question at the end of the email. But you should NEVER be upfront about your intentions. You should send me a message back and we can get to talking. WHY THIS EMAIL SUCKS: Pat might be a very interesting guy, but he was unable to show it in the email.