I'm thinking of paying for a month by postal order and seeing how many people are genuine.

AVOID PLENTY MORE FISH LIKE THE PLAGUE: A STUDY OF THEIR THIEVING METHODS; how sites like Plenty More Fish are allowed to trade is beyond me! Their ways of ripping you off are a bit more sophisticated then then they once were.

I mean they still do bombard a non- signed up user with loads of 18-25 year old girls who unimaginetively always say the same set thing - and really how naive do these people think we are - how many 18 -25 years old girls want no strings attached with older men.

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Yes, I concur with several of the others talking about Plenty More Naughty Fish.

I've received numerous messages with the same subject title.

Common ones are: hi hello Aloha First Time Newbie New to site Just Joined ....... But in some cases I think that the *profile* is genuine but the company has sent out a generic message without the female member's knowledge to encourage guys to pay for a subscription.

Certainly lots of them haven't read the profile and mine and theirs don't match.

Top Tip is to filter so that you don't see messages from the wromg age group, or from someone to far away, or from inactive members.

That way you save wasting time looking outside of your interest.

Funny thing is the number of older women (45+) who say that they are into anal!

Methinks perhaps they're not paying sufficient attention to the boxes they're ticking!

Full of pretensions stuck-up women and also lots of fake profiles. Call them free on: 08 Please call at least 72 hours before your renewal date. Firstly they rejected my photo (nothing wrong with it! Then they stole £10 from my bank account and, when i complained, said "we don't give refunds, read the small print". I signed up stupidly and now have over 100 emails in my inbox - most of which are obviously generated fraudulently by the site. Examples: "Hi there", or "Just joined", or "Wanted nsa fun".