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Building a new social network is incredibly difficult, even for the largest of companies, and it’s next to impossible for the smaller ones.

It’s a mobile social app that allows visually attractive users to join (you have to apply, and for now the company itself is choosing who looks good enough to get in). Development is likely to speed up, though, thanks to the closing of a seed round worth “millions” in RMB (for reference, RMB 2 million is worth about US$300,000).

Users can then follow each other, converse, exchange virtual gifts or real-world gifts, and even set up offline dates with special promotions. According to Chinese news site Yiou, investors in the round included We Media Group CMO Chen Zhong and Meilishuo founder Xu Yirong.Soft says the problem that his company’s aiming to solve is disappointment.Social networks are a dime a dozen, he admits, but he says that online dating plans often end in serious disappointment when the couple meet in person and see what their date really looks like.The only way to do it is to have a neat little quirk that draws people in and keeps them, such as Snapchat’s ephemeral messaging, or to cater to a specific group of people.A Chinese company by the name of Xianrou is trying to do the latter, and with a name that literally translates into Fresh Meat, I’m sure you can imagine what kind of people it wants to cater to.Xianrou is basically just a regular dating service, except its employees review everyone who applies for an account in order to make sure they’re attractive, that way you’ll never be disappointed when you secure a date through the service.