We especially note that he thought of and delivered what I think is the funniest single line in all of the Monty Python works. " But audiences and critics decided, "Pretty bad." It closed after 52 previews and 16 performances.Ordinarily, a show that closes that quickly is never seen again…but shows in which Sondheim participated never go away.There are always so many good, even wonderful moments that even if the overall show doesn't coalesce, there are always regional theater groups that think, "We can make this work." I've seen half a dozen productions of it, each tinkering here and there, trying to find some way to fix something that seems worthy of saving. There's a new documentary about this show and its odd history.

First of all, Mark, thank you for being such a creative person in so many ways and also for your insights into the entertainment world on its many genre.

As for my question, when you worked on DC's revival of Thanks.

Dan Spiegle and I enjoyed doing it a lot…in part because there were no real restrictions.

This was in part because the folks then at DC were pretty good about trusting their creative people.

(I am not in the previous sentence hinting that other regimes were or are not.) And the other part was that was such a standalone, ignored title that no one else at DC cared much what we did in it since it didn't infringe on their projects.

If we'd been doing Superman or Batman — or even if we'd wanted to guest-star those super-gents — we might have had problems.

At any given time, a dozen people at DC have plans for Superman and/or Batman and , I was writing network TV shows where if you wrote, "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen," you got notes about the word "good," the word "evening," the word "ladies," the word "gentlemen" and your choice of conjunctions, plus whether you were pandering to feminists to put the ladies before the gentlemen.

As I think I've written elsewhere here, one of the great joys of writing comic books is that on most projects, between you and the audience are about five people as opposed to five hundred. No politics, no personal replies..tell me if you want me to leave your name out of it.

There are times in my profession when I think I should offer to write the script for free if they'll pay me for the meetings. Jonathan Chait says — and I quote him because this is my view too — that the allegations of dishonesty against Hillary Clinton are minor and often misreported. Trump but with some voters, the big things he's done can be ignored while the minor things she's done are disqualifying.