Isoform-specific changes in the Na, K-ATPase of rat soleus muscle during acute hindlinb suspension.

I., Spontaneous activity in neuromuscular synapse of drosophila melanogaster larvae with human app gene expression.

Abstracts of XV International scientific conference «High-Tech in Chemical Engineering – 2014».

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Crossing experiments reveal gamete contribution into appearance of di- and triploid hybrid frogs in Pelophylax esculentus population systems. P.72Irina Trofimova, Darya Popova, Alla Krasikova Transcription of subtelomeric tandemly repetitive DNA in somatic and malignized cells of chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus).

Synthesis and acterization of hydroxyapatite and nanocomposites based thereon. Crystal structure of hereroite, [Pb32O20(O,□)](As O4)2((Si, As, V, Mo)O4)2Cl10 // American Mineralogist.

– P.185-186Crystal chemistry of layered Pb oxychloride minerals with Pb O-related structures.

Near-surface 2D-nanostructures in Ti O2-δ and Zn O1–δ meso-structures19th International Vacuum Congress (IVC-19) jointly with the 2013 International Conference on Nanoscience and Technology (ICN+T 2013), Paris (France), 9-13 september 2013Biogenic–abiogenic interactions in natural and anthropogenic systems.

Organizers of the symposium are the oldest Russian scientific societies and the largest educational-scientific centers of St.

Influence of the bond type between hydrophilic and hydrophobic fragments on self-organization of PEG conjugates P-051T.

Sokolova Reactivity of layered perovskite-like photocatalysts A2Ln2Ti3O10 (A = Li, Na, K, Rb; Ln = La, Nd)Abstracts of International Symposium on the reactivity of solids ISRS-18, St.

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