I am sad to say that this anime is actually not fully available here. I am sorry to recommend this to you all, mainly due to the fact that it literally drove me to my wife and wine like a little girl about how unfair life is, but the art and story are breathtaking.It took me a while to actually realize that I loved the three episodes and what they represented.

Most involve plot lines with well endowed females and tsundere characters to pique the promiscuous side of its male audience.

It was very nice to have a anime that slightly moved away from arousing its audience group and providing an actual roller-coaster story line.

The peaks of this emotional ride fills the audience with so much hope only to find that the valleys are so much deeper.

This anime has truly enticed my interest and if you are one who is sick of the echii/harem trend that has been expanding recently I am sure this anime will provide some relief.

However, I forewarn you, this anime explores very dark subjects involving the insanity that ensues with time paradoxes as well as the limitations of the human psyche in respect to coping with the very notion of dying and watching someone die.

It emphasizes the fear of death and in conjunction the desperation to live in a life with an expiry date.

The various notions explored by the protagonist sheds light to the lies we create and live with on a daily basis.

It sheds light on the excuses we make and the pathetic reassurance we give ourselves in our decisions.

Some may view this anime as another story created by an interesting author however I see this anime as an unconventional exploration into the self.