Inside we see an almost gangster style man shrouded in darkness and shadow.Note how he is clearly shown as being an evil kind of guy, angry and maybe slightly alcoholic.

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Firstly, it is necessary to point out that a full, academic writing would take far more time than I have at present.

I cannot discuss all the issues raised in full depth but this can actually be a good thing as it allows the reader to find space to think for themselves and find their own conclusions.

Comments are welcome and I hope you find this useful.

I think a lot of people have noticed that in recent years popular culture suddenly seems to contain a lot of occultist/satanic imagery.

This trend is particularly noticeable in music videos and many productions often leave the viewer with an uneasy feeling that cannot be quickly pin-pointed.

The best way to decipher such imagery is to view it as it is: satanic.

Therefore the best way to find an explanation is to take a general Christian or Biblical interpretation as it is the natural antidote to Satanism etc.

The purpose of this site is not to preach, but to offer an intellectual tool that the reader can use to understand what they are seeing and hearing.

My first post is going to deal with Naughty Boy’s ‘La La La’.

When I first saw this video I found it disturbing and confusing, and after a bit of thought I have managed to propose a general interpretation that makes sense of the weird goings on… I think the most important thing to note is that the final message one gets from this song is simply the ‘la la la’ bit.

That’s the line that gets stuck in the viewer’s head, even though the rest of the song doesn’t make sense at first.