Please mail them at least 15 days before you will run out of medication to allow adequate time for processing - this way your medications will arrive to you by mail 2-3 days before you run out.If you are ever within 3 calendar days of running out of medicine and you have requested your medicines on time, please contact the pharmacy.If there are further refills authorized, a new refill slip will be enclosed with your packaged medications.

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You can call to request refills and inquire on the status of current prescriptions. If you have any further questions or problems, you may contact our Outpatient Pharmacy Section by calling either 352-374-6105 or 800-349-9457.

You can reach the Automated Telephone Refill Line toll-free at 1-800-349-9457. One of our certified pharmacy technicians will be glad to be of service.

You can drop off your refill request form at our medical centers, but your prescriptions will then be mailed to you.

So if you are already visiting one of our medical centers in person, and have your refill request forms that were packaged with your original prescriptions, you may drop them in the mailbox outside the pharmacy.

We cannot dispense more than a 30-day supply of any controlled substance at one time.

A prescription is not valid after 1 year, regardless of the number of refills remaining.

Prescriptions for controlled substances are not valid after 6 months, regardless of the number of refills remaining. A new prescription cancels any previous prescription written for the same drug.

We can fill or refill, by mail, prescriptions written by VA providers from any facility in the North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System.

Prescriptions may also be filled online using VA's program. Click on "My Care" and then click on "My Prescriptions".

If you do not have a username and password, you can easily get them by creating your personal profile.

For mailed prescriptions, please allow 7-10 days for delivery.