", Kang Ha Neul answered, "Movie actress Jung Yoo Mi." Kim So Eun used this opportunity to get her revenge on Kang Ha Neul who previously told her to 'dream on' when it was mentioned that her ideal type is Won Bin and gave him a reality check, "Hey, dream on [come back to reality]!

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After filming a movie together, actors Kim So Eun and Kang Ha Neul were part of a dating rumor.

Yet, the actress clarified the rumors in a recent interview.

When asked if she was dating Kang Ha Neul, Kim So Eun stated, “No I am not dating Kang Ha Neul.

While we were filming ‘The Girl’s Grave,’ people around us questioned whether we had started dating.

Perhaps it’s because several photos captured our friendly relationship.

We are just friends.”Indeed, the photos that the two actors took while on the set of the movie filming showed their close friendship.

“The Girl’s Grave” is a film in which Kang Ha Neul forges a friendship with a female ghost played by Kim So Eun. source: soompi, naver idk how but kang ha neul is chummy with everyonehe's friends with every costar (psh, junhyung, ji chang wook...) and people from crew too, there's london-based korean musician postino who rearranged most of the stuff for monstar, they sometimes talk to each other on twitter.