Although he isn't as handsome as Taishi, he's charming when he acts. ) i think he resembles Sojiro Seta (I've watch it before Bloody Monday). He is young and talented, and i agree with some of the comments below.

A couple of fake zombies similar to those in the movie also made a surprise appearance.

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Not subbed, but hopefully in the future someone will sub it?

He is excellent as a voice actor, I can compare him with Yoshino Hiroyuki.

He can change into a lot of person at once, from a serious guy to a cute, lively guy. ^.^ One of the gems who is there, not juz because of his looks. and when i find out, two of them are the same person. He is someone who works hard at his job, even if it is not a lead role.

I have a dvd of the great yokai wari tryed to watch it years ago but its come up with the wrong region, i am based in the uk so i guess it works on a different region dvd! i looked on the case but i cant find what dvd region it works on!

its in mint conditioni can sell it for £10 includeing shipping and i post world wide.i accept paypal The calendar is already available at Asmart.☆ Receiving the "Best Newcomer Actor Award at the 4th Tama Eiga Awards for the films "Kirishima, Bukatsu yamerutte yo" and "SPEC~Ten~" last November 23, 2012.

See more Photos Here☆ Honda Cars CMOn August 11th, the opening day of the youth drama ‘Kirishima, Bukatsu Yamerutteyo‘ – starring Kamiki Ryunosuke and Hashimoto Ai – was commemorated with an obligatory stage greeting in Tokyo.