We believe a database is only as good as the research that goes into it.

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IBIS wants to engage in conversation and facilitate discussion in the key areas affecting book publishing and marketing to the education sector.

As an international list broker at Infogroup, I have rented IBIS postal and email addresses on behalf of my clients.

My customer service representatives are well versed in the different selections and the turnaround time for counts and orders is always prompt.

My clients have been very pleased with the quality of the list and response, placing continuation orders.

I have been using IBIS_New York for many years now for a variety of mailers including Scientific Publishers, Medical Publishers, Engineering plus others and we have consistently achieved exceptional results through this unique and highly selectable database.

I know I can always rely on the team from IBIS_New York for quick service and detailed, qualified list recommendations and am assured the best possible results for my clients because of the extensive knowledge and lengthy tenure of the IBIS_New York client service team.

I can always confidently recommend IBIS-New York because of the proven results of the IBIS list and the knowledgeable team who have the unparalleled ability to make recommendations tailored to each individual client because of their history with the lengthy and detailed subject categories of the IBIS list.

IBIS is the best academic file that I worked with, well classified and with good recency.

IBIS has proudly been helping the academic, educational and STM publishing community with their marketing requirements since the 1970s.

Whether its supplying data for catalogue mailings, flyers, brochures or targeted email campaigns, we aim to provide the most targeted academic and library lists available.

Over the years IBIS has listened to its customers, to understand the selection criteria that most closely approximate their requirements – whether it be subject areas, people or institute types.