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She's shown a lot of skin since becoming a star in 2010, and we know that baby has back, but she's never shown this much on camera.

It's no surprise that there is incredible interest in this tape, since Hoopz is such a hottie with a way with men - something she made clear when she used her charms to win over Flavor Flav against some lovely competition on "Flavor of Love.

She's been a man magnet off screen as well, having had a steamy relationship with Shaquille O' Neal.

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You might know her as “Hoopz” from the reality television show Flavor of Love, but her real name is Nicole Alexander.

This sexy and curvaceous woman was the winner of the reality show, which launched her into celebrity territory.

Not long after a sex tape leaked starring Hoopz (aka Nicole Alexander) that she made with a man she was dating years ago.

She has tried to block the release, but it is hard to stop when everyone wants to see her naked and ready for action!

In addition, Hoopz has made an incredibly successful career with sexy and nude photos. When Hoopz was originally featured on the first season of Flavor of Love, it was hard not to look at her perfectly symmetrical face, and that behind that just wouldn’t quit! Flavor of Love had a simple premise that has stood the test of time in reality television dating land.

The show featured the famous American rapper of the hip-hop group Public Enemy: Flavor Flav.

The show was simple: a house full of women vying for the attention of Flavor Flav, and in the end Flav would choose the woman he would want to be with if she endured all the difficult undertakings in the house to be his woman.