is one of those special Easter traditions you’ll want to keep year after year.

You’ll create treasured family memories of faith focused on the real importance of the season.

Read through all of the activities and conversation cards. Add a card to each of the 14 pockets and {TA-DA} your are here to assist in guiding your family’s evening conversations as you prepare for Easter.

Personalize your countdown to Easter by picking which cards will work best for your family and adding them to your banner.

help expand your child’s understanding of Jesus Christ in an interactive and creative way. } I’m going to laminate mine to use year after year!

That way, when you want to pull your little ones away from the T. or you hear the dreaded “,” you can just pull up this handy, dandy list and create some spur-of-the-moment fun.

What child wouldn’t like to play teacher with all of that?

Let your little fashion designer decorate and “design” their own dresses with these two adorable play dress shop printables.The first printable is a fun, colorful order form for the “shopper” to fill out.The second printable is a page for the “designer” to create their fashion masterpieces. I don’t know about you, but we’re always looking for new, fun crafts, games, and activities to keep our kiddos busy and entertained over break. } That’s why we decided to round up OVER 100 free printables – just for kids!Just wait until you see all of the crafty cuteness included in the collection.There’s everything from coloring pages to puppets, from play food to paper dolls, and even board games!