For the competing trio of big name 8th gen consoles there’s been an exclusive game apiece to shout about.

Titanfall’s mech shooting, clever AI action kept Xbox gamers going while In Famous: Second Son scored big on PS4.

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Well, it seems that Charlie Sheen has some work to do in the truth-telling business, because the story he told about not putting others at risk seems to be false.

But according to a recent girlfriend, a nurse, Charlie Sheen told her about his HIV status, and they had unprotected sex anyway, despite knowing that no matter how low his viral load, he is still contagious.

But despite his doctor’s orders that Charlie not put anyone else at risk, and only being safe, Charlie Sheen has shirked a major responsibility, according to the .

Charlie Sheen says that he has never missed a dose of his medication, and has not put anyone else at risk, but if this nurse is telling the truth, Sheen has some explaining to do.

Initially, his diagnosis put him in such a dark place, he said he went on a “suicide run,” which explains his erratic behavior in 2011.. Oz on his show at length about Sheen, and that she didn’t believe she was taking a risk, and that it was worth it because she was in love.

“There’s a very big scare about [HIV] out there and I think that’s just a lot of social stigma that came from back when there wasn’t treatment for this and this was a death sentence,” she says.

“Now, many people with HIV don’t die of AIDS,” Bruce claims.

Bruce denies that despite knowing the risks, unprotected sex with Charlie Sheen was not like playing Russian Roulette.

“I think the real Russian roulette comes with not coming forward about conditions you have or having unprotected sex frequently with partners,” she explains.