Externally, it can be distinguished from its predecessor by its charging handle (flat black plastic) like on the SG 550 and SG 551.

Internally, the SG 553 features a separate gas piston and a recoil spring located in front of the bolt, within the gas tube, again like on the SG 550 and SG 551.

The SIG SG 552 is also known as the Commando, while its successor, the SIG SG 553, is known as the SOW, short for Special Operations Weapon.

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Due to import restrictions by the BATF, SIG builds these new version rifles in the United States.

They differ in that they have an aluminum lower receiver somewhat similar to the AR-15 designed to take STANAG Magazines and have a rail on the upper receiver amongst other cosmetic details.

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A modified 550 with a longer heavy barrel, match trigger group and adjustable sniper buttstock & pistol grip.

These rifles are mostly used with a heavy duty bipod (replacing the integral lightweight bipod of the 550).

It is also know as the SIG SG 550-1 and SIG SG 550 Sniper.

The SG 552 is the shortest version of the 55x-family.

Apart from the charging handle (round, steel), externally it appeared to be a shorter version of its bigger brothers, the SG 550 and 551.

However, internally, the SG 552 featured several major differences: the gas piston was fixed to bolt (like on a classic AK-47) and the recoil spring was located behind the bolt (like on an MP5) instead of in the gas tube.

While SIG claims these changes were necessary for technical reasons on this extremely compact assault rifle, they led to certain reliability issues - unusual for the company.