"I'm quite a reserved person so I tend to sit back a lot.

I wouldn't just go up to someone in a club or a bar or a restaurant and start talking to them because it would feel weird to me.

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Digital Spy caught up with Joey recently to find out how his dating exploits have been going, and it turns out that it's been a bit of a mixed bag."They've all been a bit weird," he admitted. In fact, it seems that farting is ruled out for the entirety of a relationship with him, as he joked: "It's banned!

That was her being her, but it was pretty weird."a fan of bodily functions, announcing that the very worst thing a girl could do on a date is fart.

Allow it."But Joey – who admitted that one of his worst dates was when he took a girl to KFC ("I'm just about keeping it real") – explained that women can also turn him off in other ways."I accept people who don't know me, but when someone blatantly knows who I am and they go, 'What's your name?

', I get cringe and that's an automatic turn-off," he said.

"In a girl, I look for honesty."That's the first thing and if they go, 'Nice to meet you, what's your job, what's your name?

' I just go, 'I work down the Billingsgate fish market' and it turns into a ridiculous conversation.

You know if someone knows who you are."Joey added that he wanted to go on "I don't really put myself out there," he admitted.

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