Whether you deleted your profile within minutes or are referred to as a POF lifer, the world of online dating can lead you in the right direction or scare you away from ever dating again.

A new survey from an online dating site has ranked Vancouver women as the pickiest in Canada. Chances are if you ve been single and looking in this city for some time now, you have probably created an online dating profile whether you want to admit it or not is irrelevant.

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Sadly, the Internet doesn t protect you from rejection; it just comes in the form of a message that is not directly face-to-face which for some may be reassuring.

When it comes to online dating the general opinion seems to be biased based on personal experience; those who have met their partners online spread praise, others who have met people far from what their online profile photo resembles, or have signed up for every dating site with no luck, don t recommend it to others.

Nonetheless, that feeling of last resort leads us to the internet with the hope of meeting someone worthy.

So what leads the single people of Vancouver to enter into this world of online dating.

What makes some of us scared or nervous to sign up.

How are some people so lucky, yet others end up on dates with Vancouver s worst.

In a city full of young attractive bachelors and bachelorettes why are so many of us forced to send a message rather than have a face-to-face interaction. What leads a single to create an online dating profile.

You re single; you re looking and are having no luck, so you look to the web for guidance.

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