They were promised the opportunity to rise to a higher standard of living, but according to many struggling to survive, Fidel Castro failed to deliver his promise, delivering instead a growing stagnation of an aging economy.Fidelandia takes a look at the country’s current culture post-Fidel’s fifty-year reign.The film explores how the youth deals with the influence of Western culture impacting the country by way of tourism, prostitution, and the use of illegal Internet and television.

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In the Game is a documentary feature film directed by Peabody award-winner Maria Finitzo and produced by Kartemquin Films (Hoop Dreams).

In the Game follows the ups and downs of a girls’ soccer team to reveal the very real obstacles that low-income students confront in their quest for higher education.

Set at an inner city high school in a primarily Hispanic neighborhood, the girls face an uneven playing field – or in the case of the girls at Kelly High School, no soccer field at all – little or no support, problems at home, uncertain futures, discrimination, and poverty.

Thanks to their teammates and the dedicated mentoring of their coach, however, the girls never give up hope in their quest for attending college and, most importantly, success in life.

Visit Brown Paper to see films in sequence of screening time/date/venue: . Craving Cuba Directors – Zuzy Martin Lynch & Rick Lynch / Writer – Zuzy Martin Lynch USA/Cuba/ 2016 / 65 min/ Documentary – Identity, Society, Women in Film For tickets on Sept 17 PM at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema For tickets on Sept 25 PM at Artists’ Television Access Craving Cuba is a documentary film about Cuban-Americans and their complicated relationship with Cuba.

All films shown in original language with subtitles in English.

This is a story about identity, family, exile and hope.

Follow the journey of a Cuban-American woman who was born in New Jersey to Cuban-exiles and has never been to Cuba.

Although she has always felt very American, there was always a strong pull to the other half of her identity.