At times, several Hindu and Muslim weddings have sent numerous plates of food from their wedding menu.

Yusuf and Kauser are in talks with hotels and restaurants to send in the extra food.

Their aim is to ensure that no food goes waste, and as many empty stomachs as can be filled are filled, as it is cruel to throw away food when others yearn for a decent meal.

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The bank was inaugurated on the 5th of December, with a mere 250 depositors.

The bank operates in a simple yet efficient manner.

The depositors are each given a particular account number.

Every day, they are required to deposit two rotis and a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian dish of their choice.

The food is to be prepared by the depositors in a hygienic manner, and must be fresh.

The food deposited is inspected, and then put into storage.

The beneficiaries include families that are unable to afford even two square meals a day.

These families are offered healthy, hygienic home-made food of their choice in adequate amounts.

That we live in times of apathy and selfishness is true, but it cannot be denied that in spite of the apathetic majority, there are a few who redefine goodness and generosity.

It is altruistic people like these who keep humanity alive.

One such person is Yusuf Mukati from Aurangabad, who has successfully conceived the second ‘roti bank’ in India.