-Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Words cannot do justice, so instead let me walk you through my (hopefully) spoiler-free thought process upon watching this anime:-Huh, It seems okay, but I don't get what the fuss was all about...-Oh wow, that was pretty cool-Holy shit, didn't expect that.-Oho, damn, Mustang is a BAMF! An incredible story with amazing twists and turns that I had to almost force myself not to spoil by looking ahead. C, we never did find out her name; such a shame-Rosario Vampire - Another of my earlier watched Anime, interesting setting and plot if not a bit childish at times; irritatingly flaky main character but it's made up for by a strong cast *cough*Mizore*cough*Ura Moka*cough*.

no spoilers), what can I say, she has a nice ass ;)-Ranma 1/2 - First anime I ever watched and still one of my favourites to this day; odd but enjoyable storyline as well as intriguing characters, another anime that knows how to have a well-balanced main character (Even if he can be insufferably naïve at times) Only downside... Favourite Character: Shampoo, she should have been the main love interest.-Code Geass - I was always a little wary of the more mainstream Anime like this one but If this is the example of what I was missing then I've been horribly wrong.

Favourite Character: Female Titan (If you've seen it then you know just who that is...

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don't spoil it for yourself; I got curious and looked ahead slightly, completely took the suspense out of some aspects that I won't reveal now.

Plus, Kishimoto is pretty much just trolling us at this point in the manga.-Attack on Titan - Words are almost unable to describe how epic this anime was for me; got through all twenty five episodes in two days without barely a break, I only wish there were more (Oh kami why aren't there more) If I have any recommendations for potential viewers though...

Rinnegan is probably the best thing Kishimoto ever did (While Edo Tensei is the worst... Favourite Character: Itachi Uchiha, Nagato Uzumaki or Minato Namikaze... Least favourite Character (just for this one): Besides the obvious Sakura (although she did improve somewhat) - Naruto himself, learned nothing over the training trip, is constantly needing a magical convenient power up to win any fight, spams the only two Jutsu he knows repeatedly and is... I believe this is why Naruto fanfiction is so popular, because everybody hates how the main character is portrayed THAT MUCH in a world that is otherwise excellent for story telling.

went all downhill from there; definite highlight in the Pein invasion though.

Favourite Character: Haku Yuki, best death in the entire series, plus most impact on Naruto's life as a whole.-Naruto Shipppuden - Started off promising with plenty of action and a new exciting plot...

Favourite Character: Natsu Dragneel or Erza Scarlett, the anime just wouldn't be right without either.-Update- Actually manned up and watched the subbed episodes; I don't regret it in the slightest although now I'm depressed that I can't see anymore until the manga gets sufficiently far ahead which wont be for around a year T_T-Naruto - Almost if not as good as Bleach (watched this first), Good story if not slightly strange after Orochimaru's introduction and solid characters (even though Naruto can get pretty annoying after a while). It also has some moments I am man enough to admit made me tear up a little, namely *spoilers* Lisanna's 'death' and Laxus leaving the guild. Favourite Character: Kisuke Urahara or Yoruichi Shihoin... (Also Tier Harribel but keep that one between me and you).-Fairy Tail - Loved this from the onset, would probably be higher than Bleach if there were more English dubbed episodes available, they know how to have a good, likable, not too powerful but still enough it is satisfying main character. make of ; enjoy the plot, the characters, the setting, the weapons (oh kami the Zanpakuto), pretty much everything... Admittedly I have only seen up to the end of the Fake Karakura war but from what I've seen comes after that, I think I'll keep it that way. they still have to make me cry like a baby...-Daaaaayuuum...-*Teary smile that wont leave my face*So yeah...It's complemented by a cast of incredible characters that each has their part to play, no matter how insignificant they may seem at first. Favourite Character: Mizore Shirayuki (See Shampoo).-Elfen Lied - One of my favourites of all time anime due to its absolutely beautiful and compelling story (great music too) I only wish it had been longer and there was more Lucyx Kohta, but what we got was still fantastic for condensing down a 107 chapter manga.