Studies and surveys show that those living in places with more green areas have less anxiety, sadness, and anger.A photo posted by Butch […] Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea.Don’t you know that what you put out in the universe is what you receive sometimes?

More specifically, the beast is supposed to stalk the Wold Newton Triangle, an area known for mysterious activity.

For centuries, tales have circulated of zombies, ghosts, the Old Stinker werewolf and other paranormal activity.

A terrified couple who claim to have came face-to-face with a black panther while driving through the English countryside have drawn a sketch of the blood-thirsty beast to warn the public what to look out for.

They claim the black outline - which they took a blurry photo of - was as tall as their car window, must have weighed around nine stone, and was ready to pounce at their vehicle before he put the foot down and they sped off.

They were driving at night when they spotted the creature, which jumped in front of the car.

Robert tried to take a photo but it was not very clear.

Luckily, police have the sketch use in their investigation Although he and Nicola struggled to get a clear picture of the cat on camera, Robert has now produced the sketch in a bid to help cops and animal welfare officers find out what it is - and figure out how to catch it.

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