Learn more about how you join the fun of both our chat group and our forums. Read another newbie’s account of her first spanking party with the article, Loved It, Loved It: One Woman’s Account of Her First Spanking Party. Attend a party or our Spanking Weekend in the Mountains.

The biannual weekend party is a great opportunity for newbies to experiment at a pace of their choosing because time is on your side.

We are not an S&M group and, therefore, do not allow activities that swing S&M.

Better to know that before showing up at a party in leather or with a whip in tow.

Reading these will also save you the embarrassment of saying things at a party or chat that are frowned upon at SCONY or could creep others out. 7-9, 2016 plus extra days This special weekend is for lovers of playful and discipline adult spanking.

Features private resort with no families or children.

The best way to get to know others in the group before coming to a SCONY event is to join us in our fun and often zany chatroom. Margaret tries to be available Mon–Thu, pm–9 pm EST. Please avoid using comments of a sexual/erotic nature. When creating your own chat time to meet with others, remember that everything here is based on .

Chats take place Mon – Thu and start around pm EST (although we are notorious for being fashionably late). Instead use a scene name that somehow indicates if you are male or female. Use initial caps if you are top (spanker) and lower case if you are a bottom (spankee). Keep in mind, this is the name people in chat will call you. Since the scene is about trust, we will trust that you are always entering in your own gender and under the name we recognize to be you. If you want to talk privately, get out of this chat and go elsewhere! About ten minutes is given for random conversation while members are entering. Ryder are engaged in conversation, or while s/he has started a scene, is considered discourteous. If someone indicates that s/he is a bottom, don’t assume that that person is open to play.

We use the Delphi site for our chats, and it also has a forum that we use. First, you must become a member of our Yahoo group. When you are accepted, directions will be sent to you for how to reach us on Delphi, where we have a message board and chat. So don’t choose a name that may come across too strongly or not fit you down the road (like anything with “newbie” in it). It’s not polite to instant message and distract others while they’re following along. If the chat is in full swing when you come in, please enter quietly and discreetly. Margaret is on, or if a scene is in progress, and stay on topics. If you leave prior to pm, please do so with a quiet “good night.” Ms. As a bottom, don’t misbehave or brat off to a top if you will not allow the top to spank you.

Entering this chat room is like entering someone’s home. Become a part of the conversation at a polite pace. Don’t interrupt, rudely change the subject, shout or swear. They help build trust and communication before anything else. It makes for confusion and is the same as interrupting. Margaret will not involve new visitors in spanking until they feel more comfortable with being here. We don’t like asking if you’re a male or female, top or bottom. If you are “playing” as a top, avoid bratting yourself while you are in the role of a top.

This website may contain explicit adult BDSM material. If you are not or you do not want to enter leave this website. By using this website you agree to the use of cookies.

With all of the digital advances we enjoy today, it is possible to emerge in the scene safely and slowly, dipping your big toe in the water before stepping out and actually attending an event. I provide guidelines for newbies in how to carefully guard their privacy and anonymity.

Or have you resigned yourself to always wonder what it would be like to spank or be spanked and yet never experience it for yourself?