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''There were crack vials all over the floors,'' said William Daly, the director of the Mayor's Office of Midtown Enforcement, which coordinates city agencies in efforts to clean up the Times Square area. Daly said about 15 police officers and personnel from his office, enforcing the city's nuisance-abatement statute, closed the Capri Cinema between 45th and 46th Streets at P. There were about 80 patrons in the theater, he said, and one man was arrested for possession of a small amount of crack.

''Over the past seven months they have made 11 arrests inside the theater, all for sales of crack,'' Mr. He said the enforcement office had conducted only one similar raid, closing down the Cameo Theater on Eighth Avenue last January ''for drugs and prostitution.'' Two hours after last night's raid, a woman who said she frequents the area stood outside the Capri Cinema and said: ''It's about time they closed that place down. Asked if the closing raises a constitutional issue, Arthur N. Daly said the city would seek a permanent closing of the Capri on Monday.

It was a crack den.'' The billboard on the theater reads ''Biggest Adult Show in New York,'' but no movie title appeared on the marquee. Eisenberg, legal director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, said: ''The ultimate question here is whether the application of the statute conforms with the requirements imposed by the New York State Court of Appeals in the Arcara case.'' He referred to a decision involving a bookstore in Buffalo where prostitution was alleged to be taking place. Eisenberg explained, the state's highest court held that before the bookstore could be closed as a public nuisance the government was obligated to explore alternatives less drastic than closing.

Several signs had been posted on the door, reading ''Closed by Court Order.'' The temporary restraining order for the closing had been signed by Justice William P. The posted orders listed the theater's owners as Thomas Gioulos, Teddy Kaniofilis and Alfred G.

For the first time since it began a new enforcement effort to slow the spread of the AIDS virus, New York City's Department of Health shut an adult movie theater in Manhattan yesterday, saying it had allowed risky sexual activities to take place.

The closing of the theater, the Adonis, on Eighth Avenue between 43d and 44th Streets, was the first since a state advisory panel last year urged the city to enforce existing state regulations that prohibit sexual activities with a high risk of transmitting the AIDS virus, including anal intercourse and fellatio.

The closing, announced yesterday by the city's Health Commissioner, Dr. Hamburg, also came a day after those regulations, first imposed by the New York State Public Health Council in 1985, were expanded to include vaginal intercourse.

"This is the first one we have moved against," a department spokesman, Steven J. "Inspections are continuing at other establishments." 7 Closed in 1980's With the spread of the AIDS epidemic in the 1980's, the city's health officials shut at least seven businesses offering anonymous sex, often with numerous partners, as threats to public health. In recent years, however, there has been a resurgence of commercial establishments where people meet for sex, in spite of the risks of transmitting the AIDS virus.

The businesses -- an estimated 50 in all, from theaters to clubs to bookstores -- cater to both homosexuals and heterosexuals, and are legal.